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The Porsche of Orlando Team

Our competent team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance on your Porsche past and present with over a 100 years of sales and service experience.All Porsche of Orlando employees are Porsche Certified by Porsche Cars of North America. 


Andrew Parkinson

Andrew Parkinson | General Manager

Andrew Parkinson has been the General Manager of Porsche of Orlando for 16 years. Managing the best sales, service and parts teams in the country and selling the best made German Automobile brand in the USA. He has been with the Porsche Brand for 22 years. Andrew was a professional soccer player, playing for Newcastle United, England and the New York Cosmos, USA. He is married to Suzan and is also a proud parent of 3 and has 5 grandchildren. Andrew spends his free time running, playing golf, tennis, and spending time with family.

Phone: 407.262.0804 • Email:

David Stone

David Stone | Sales Manager

David Stone Certified Porsche Sales Manager for 6 years with Porsche of Orlando.David loves to fish and is a great asset to our Porsche management team.David also enjoys the game of golf and is learning to enjoy the beautiful game of soccer

Contact directly at: 407-262-0805

Mobile: 407-748-4016

Fax: 407-262-0810

Phone: 407.262.0805 • Email:

David Kennedy

David Kennedy | Parts Manager

David Kennedy Certified Porsche Parts manager with 17 years at Porsche of Orlando.David and his Porsche parts team are rated #15 in the USA out of 196 Porsche Parts dealers in the country for being the top Porsche Parts supplier.David to is an avid golfer and recently became a grand father.

Fax:   407-262-0809

Phone: 407.262.0820 • Email:

Andreas Moraitis

Andreas Moraitis | New & Preowned Sales

Andreas Moraitis is a Certified Porsche Sales Professional and has been with the Porsche brand for over 15 years. He has brought his passion and experience to Porsche of Orlando. He is one of the few Porsche sales people in North America to have gone through the Porsche "Exclusive" trainings and has a vast knowledge on ordering special order cars.  Andreas has been at Porsche of Orlando for 10 years and is an active Ironman Triathlete currently ranked amongst the top 1% worldwide in his age group.  He currently drives a new Cayman S(His 6th Porsche) while his wife drives a 911.

Contact directly at: 407-262-0850

Mobile: 407-404-3151

Fax: 407-262-0809

Phone: 407.262.0850 • Email:

Justice Milsom

Justice Milsom | Internet/ New and Pre-Owned Sales

Justice Milsom Certified Porsche Sales professional with 15 years at Porsche of Orlando.Justice also manages all our Porsche new and preowned internet customers as the internet manager for Porsche of Orlando.Justice is an avid biker and expert cellist.Justice also has a passion for biking and the martial arts.Justice is a Porsche Brand Ambassador.

Contact directly at: 407-262-0853

Mobile: 407-284-7949

Fax: 407-262-0810

Phone: 407.262.0853 • Email:

Emilio Cortes

Emilio Cortes | New and Preowned Sales

Emilio Cortes Certified Porsche Sales Professional has 9 years of Porsche sales experience all with Porsche of Orlando and is fully bi- lingual in English and Spanish.Emilio Cortes and Porsche of Orlando are proud members of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Orlando.Emilio is our Citrus Porsche Club Ambassador hosting all PCA meetings held at Porsche of Orlando the first Monday of every month.Emilio is a Porsche Brand Ambassador.

Contact directly at: 407-262-0854

Fax:   407-262-0809

Phone: 407.262.0854 • Email:

Teddy Lawrence

Teddy Lawrence | New & Preowned Sales

Teddy Lawrence is in his fourth year at Porsche of Orlando and a Certified Porsche Sales professional who has work experience in bothe sales and service departments and brings his knowledge and experience to our Porsche of Orlando sales team.Teddy is a great addition to our Porsche of Orlando family.Teddy also loves the game of golf and the wonderful warm weather in Orlando as Teddy's roots are from Minnesota.Teddy is a Porsche Brand Ambassador.  

Contact directly at: 407-262-0857

Mobile: 386-275-5652

Fax: 407-262-0809

Phone: 407.262.0857 • Email:

Chad Zarnow

Chad Zarnow | Service Manager

Chad Zarnow service manager at Porsche of Orlando.

Phone: 407.262.0841 • Email:

Tom Ballog

Tom Ballog | Service Advisor

Phone: 407.262.0842 • Email:

Jeff Gottlieb

Jeff Gottlieb | Service Advisor

Phone: 407.262.0851 • Email:

Joel Zebell

Joel Zebell | Ceritified Parts Consultant

Joel Zebell has been with Porsche of Orlando for 10 years and is our parts wholesale specilaist.Joell loves all the family events he can go to and enjoys boating and fishing.

Aaron  Burnette

Aaron Burnette | Certified Parts Specialist

Aaron Burnette has been with Porsche of Orlando for 12 years and is our retail counter and wholesale parts specialist.Aaron enjoys his family time on the weekends going to the beach and loves to surf the waves of Cocoa Beach.

Phone: 407.262.0800 • Email:

Christoper Whitt

Christoper Whitt | Parts Specialist

Chris is a Porsche parts specialist and has been with Porsche of Orlando for 3 years.Chris has VW parts experience nad has been a great asset to our parts team.Chris enjoys boating and cycling in his spare time.


John Kraine

John Kraine | Shop Foreman

John Kraine has been with Porsche Orlando for 21 years and is our Gold Certified technition and is the shop foreman.John has the Porsche knowledge and expertise that goes back to the 993 model days air cooled Porsche.John enjoyes fishing and football and is a Porsche Ambassador.

Phone: 407.262.0800 • Email:

Pablo Diaz

Pablo Diaz | Silver Certified Porsche Technician

Pablo has been a Porsche Technician for 30 yearsand has been with Porsche of Orlando for almost ten years.

Simon Laming

Simon Laming | Porsche Technician

Dmitry Yazovtsev

Dmitry Yazovtsev | Porsche Technician


Charles Warren

Charles Warren | Porsche Technician


Chris  Kehoe

Chris Kehoe | Porsche Technician


William Bearden

William Bearden | Service Support


Anthony Mayas | Porsche Service advisor

Anthony Mayas  Porsche of Orlando service advisor.Worked 9 years at Ford in Orlando.

Phone: 407.262.0800 Ext. 841 • Email:

Brittany Haas | Customer Care Experience Manager

Brittany Haas our Porsche of Orlando Customer Care manager.

Phone: 407.262.0800 Ext. 860 • Email: